Our Modular Layout

When the WMRC was originally formed, we did not have a permanent location to set up our railroad, so each member built one or more 2′ x 4′ modules that could be joined together on meeting nights. The club built the corners and serveral ‘filler’ modules to put in the system when needed. This design allowed us to run trains no matter how many people showed up.

This worked for several years, but a the club grew and the number of modules to be set up each tuesday night grew, it began to take far to long to setup the take down the system. The Club moved to our current location and that allowed us to leave the modules together for the majority of the time. The system was taken down once a year for the Essex Train Show and then put back together after the show. Until recently, we had over 50 modules in the layout

We are now moving to a permanent layout and slowly phasing out the modular system. Some of the modules will be kept and used as a travelling setup to take to train shows in the area.

You can find some pictures of the modules in the Media Gallery.

Here are some pictures of the work we’ve done to get the modules ready for the 2008 Essex Train Show: