The following are track plans for the Windsor & Midwestern layout, or parts of it. These plans are constantly changing, but should give you an idea of our long term goals.

Drawn By: Carl M.

This is the basic track plan for the whole layout. Most of the industrial tracks have yet to be added. Most are still in the design phase. We have decided on industry types, just not track plans yet.

Drawn By: Fred Jr.

This is the Limestone Quary track plan. The quary is served by two railroads. The WMRC will serve most of the facility, bringing in coal, fuel and equipment and lifting hoppers full of crushed limestone of various grades. A second railroad will switch from the right dealing only with hoppers for crushed limestone. The plant includes crushing and washing buildings as well as large storage piles and a coal fired power plant. The main line passes over the edge of the open pit on a large curved tresle.

Drawn By: Fred Jr.

The Cement Plant occupies an area nearly 16ft long. This plant is HUGE! The plant is a dry portland cement supplier. Limestone and Clay, Gypsum and Coal all arrive by rail. Dry cement is packaged and shipped by Truck, Boxcar, and Covered Hopper. An small on-site coal fired power plant provides electricity to the facility and to near by homes and businesses. The front edge of the scene will be an old run-down dock. The facility was also serviced by ship in the past. The main line will cross a small bridge over a river to the left of the scene. The river will serve as a scenic divide between the plant and the